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Horacio J. Correa

Horacio Correa is a Tax, Accounting, Valuation Professional with a Chemistry background who works with CEOs, business division leaders, partners, and small business owners to identify tax saving opportunities and assist clients with reaching Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and also performs asset valuations and appraisal services.

He has successfully saved millions of dollars for taxpayers with his valuation knowledge. He also assists taxpayers in claiming their pollution control exemption from various taxing jurisdictions. Furthermore, he worked with local, county and state officials in agreeing to tax abatements and tax relief exemption agreements for large capital spend projects.

As a Machinery & Equipment Appraiser, he has worked on providing estimates of fair market value in use, ad-valorem tax, and liquidation valuations for various purposes such as sale, acquisition, eminent domain, collateralization, insurance or residual forecasting. He also performed enterprise valuation for Accounting Standard Codification (ASC) 820, ASC 360, ASC 805 and ASC 718.

Horacio E. Correa III

Horacio E. Correa III is an experienced Accountant with a demonstrated history of working in the Oil & Gas industry. Strong accounting professional skilled in Microsoft Office, Communication, Oracle, SAP, Finance, and Accounting.

An experienced consultant who handles Oil & Gas well leases in multiple states. Works closely with owners and other oil field interest accounts. Reviews working interest, capital expenses, billable charges for active, plugged and abandoned (P&A) wells that result in additional cost savings for organizations. Works with several multi-family assets and commercial real estate dealings as well.